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Monday, May 24, 2010

hydrangea blooms.

I dropped Slade off at the bus stop this morning and on my way into the side garage door, I was very excited to see my hydrangeas were blooming and beautiful. So, with excitement, immediately I cut some of the larger flowers and brought them indoors to fill a ceramic pitcher.

I am flooded with memories. Happiness. Love. Unity. Galvanized buckets filled with the same color hydrangeas hung on the end of each pew in the church the day Jeff and I were married. For me, hydrangeas such as these will always symbolize the joy
and love we shared that day. The day we became husband and wife. The day we became one. The day we vowed that we would be together forever.

I love when a simple moment overwhelms me with so many memories and such happiness.

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  1. that was the day...I got a son in our family...with the love you share, it has brought sunshine in our lives....and carries on when GOD, helped bring even more joy, with Slade,Elle, and Sia. Thank you both, for falling in love....It was a beautiful day of unity.