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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

not fun at all.

no, my weekend did not go happily around and around. instead, i fearfully held my little girl tight in my arms. sia and i spent three very long days in the hospital. not fun. really not fun. not fun at all.

i truly believe it's one of the hardest things i have ever had to do. it's hard to hold your child as doctors and nurses administer IV's and shots and take vitals and blood. it's hard to explain to your 3-year old why she has to remain in a hospital and let these people do all these things to her. not to mention, the cat scans and ultrasounds and x-rays. scary for me as a mom. even scarier for a child so small. sitting and holding on and wondering what is wrong. i would never leave her side. i held her tight and must've kissed her a million times.

still, the answer is unknown. her blood platelets and white blood cells are still low. a rash travels around her body.
maybe just a viral infection? thankfully she was released from the hospital. we will return to see the pediatrician again tomorrow. a CBC will be done. i am dreading putting her through that again. but hopefully then, we will be given some answers along with an okay to continue with our summer travels.

slade and elle have returned to new jersey and sia and i remain here in new york. i am anxious to be together again. if all is well, we will head there tomorrow after the appointment. please keep my little sia in your thoughts and prayers.

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