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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

now she's five.

Today my little Elle Belle turned five. It was five years ago today that she quickly came into this world. And, I do mean quickly, as there was no time for an epidural as I requested and definitely not enough time for a doctor to be there. Just Jeff and I and then a nurse who came running in to help. It all happened so fast.

And, I have to say the time continues to sail by.

Elle's birthday always falls when the children are already out of school. This year we happen to be at the shore already. Unfortunately today though, it was totally cloudy with periods of rain, but we still decided to have an impromptu birthday celebration on the beach to commemorate. Luckily, we were just in time before the rain came.

Headed down along the shore for a treasure hunt.
Items they were to find were written on the inside of large clam shells.

Elle proudly shows a piece of sea glass she found as part of the hunt.

Treasures were buried in the sand before the children came down on the beach. A hula hoop marks the spot to dig.

A fishing net holds treasures once they are found, among them are bouncy balls, glow in the dark stars, rings, bracelets & squirt guns.

Happy "5th" Birthday my little Elle Belle... you bring me so much JOY!!

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