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Monday, April 26, 2010

beach treasures.

We are back from our weekend trip. It's Monday and it seems as though I am moving slow today. I am putting off the many loads laundry we brought home and just sitting here thinking about the weekend and the fun we had. We celebrated my nephew's college graduation and it was shared among family and great friends. Lucky for us, the locale was on the beach in St. Augustine, which we were able to enjoy the entire weekend.

I know I have said it before, but I truly find peace and tranquility by the shore. It is the place where I feel I belong. The calmness it evokes is amazing. For me it is so enjoyable... just sitting and breathing and listening. It gives me moments to think, to dream, to rejuvenate and time to play with my children.
Most enjoyable though are the walks along the shore searching for treasures. With buckets in hand, the four of us walked and walked stopping intermittently when something of interest caught our eye. On this trip, we found tons of shells, some sea glass and even a star fish.

I missed my husband though. Tremendously. I wished he were there by my side to enjoy the peace and serenity too. He loves the shore just as much as I do. It is definitely one of the many things we share in common. I thought of him all weekend long wanting him to be there.
However, when he comes home next week we will definitely share all the wonderful beach treasures we found and the memories of our weekend by the shore.


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