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Monday, July 12, 2010

dreamy cottage.

i applaud those who follow their dreams and can make them a reality. when i came across this quaint little cottage, i fell in love. an old hunting cabin turned into a dreamy retreat in the woods. it is absolutely darling. you can read the whole story here or visit the owner's shabby chic blog.

i can only dream that someday jeff and i will have our own little cottage by the shore.
i hope you had a happy weekend. (maybe, you dreamed a little too!)

photos via elementsofstyleblog.... thank you for sharing!


  1. teeny! so cute.
    but i'd have to get rid of all my stuff. no guitars or studio stuff would fit in there, huh?

  2. no... nothing of the sort. but can you just imagine this little getaway from it all!