simple happiness everyday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my little boy.

my little boy has such a sweet little heart. he is a worker, a planner, an organizer and likes things to be just so. he is wonderfully creative, loves surprises and hates goodbyes. he is not afraid to play house with his sisters, yet loves spending time with the boys riding scooters and bikes and playing sports and video games. he enjoys helping me cook and bake, yet when daddy is home he is always right by his side. he assists him with the yard work and household chores. loves tools, going to home depot and anything with speed. he is a rough little boy with so much energy, yet his heart is so gentle.

this morning he woke up and went down to the kitchen before the girls and i. from the upstairs i could hear dishes and silverware and the microwave running. he yelled up to us to stay upstairs because he had a surprise. of course, the girls ran down anyway, and he begged them not to look in the kitchen until it was time. he had the breakfast table set for all of us with plates and forks and napkins and juice glasses and maple syrup. he had warmed up the leftover waffles from yesterday. on each plate was either a half or a whole waffle and he told us where to sit. he was so proud of his surprise. proud he prepared breakfast this morning for us to enjoy.

this is not the first time my 6-year old boy has prepared us a meal. we've had lunches of crackers and cheese and fruit and snacks delivered in small little bowls.

i love my little boy for a million reasons and more. when i look at him, i know i am seeing his daddy all over again. i know his daddy was this same little boy. the same little boy i am watching grow each and every day. and someday, like his daddy, my little boy with such a sweet heart is going to make some girl so wonderfully happy. just like his mommy is today.