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Friday, July 23, 2010

my favorites on friday: summer desserts.

one of my favorite summer desserts is strawberry cake. i found the recipe in the june 2005 issue of Martha Stewart Living and has been one of my favorites ever since. it is extremely easy to make and can be ready from start to finish in 90 minutes time. i think it's the perfect dessert to serve after any summer meal. serve it room temperature with a little sweetened whipped cream or serve it warm with vanilla ice cream. leftovers are especially delicious in the morning with a good cup of coffee.

i'm making a strawberry cake today to enjoy after our friday night meal of antipasta and pizza. i'm so looking forward to getting back to making pizzas on fridays. i've missed it while we were away this summer. so, it will feel great to be back in my kitchen this weekend doing what i usually do.

how about you? what are your weekend plans? will you be cooking or baking or enjoying anything sweet? whatever it is... hope your weekend is wonderful.

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