simple happiness everyday.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on the river today.

we took a break from swimming in the pool and headed down to the river today. why does it seem like whenever i am near a body of water, i am overwhelmed by this sense of calmness. peace. serenity. does anyone else feel the same?

we spent the entire day with old friends who live on one of many rivers in south jersey. friends, who i have not seen in such a long time. way too long. it was so wonderful to reconnect and catch up on the years that have past. and, so much fun watching our children interact and now play with one another. this was their first meeting, but it was as though they had been friends for awhile. isn't that the way with kids? they are only timid for moments and within minutes they are the best of friends.

it truly was a day to re-establish & to create new bonds of friendship. a day i found comfort in being surrounded by family & friends. a day i was quieted by calmness in all that surrounded me.

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