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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a night with the girls.

It's been awhile since the six of us have gotten together. I have been saying it for months... "let's get together, just us girls." The holidays came and went. The kids had a school break and then went back. Families were visiting. Husbands were out of town. So finally, we settled for a Tuesday night in February after the kids were in bed to, here at my house.

Amazingly, my kids were in bed and asleep unusually early and I was quite happy at my accomplishment. The plan was to have pizzas, and yes, usually I make them on Fridays, but thought it would be simple dinner for the us girls. It would give us time to casually eat and chat.

We talked and laughed and talked and laughed some more. I think it was the therapy we all needed. We all have completely different personalities and all of our lives are completely different right now, sometimes we don't see each other for months, yet when we are together, we rely on each other for support, comfort, advice and inspiration. We talk about whatever comes to mind and sometimes we might laugh (really laugh) or cry.

I am truly thankful for my friends. The six of us have formed a bond of love and friendship for life. It was such a great night. The next day, it made us all wonder...
"why don't we do this more often?" So, I think we should, at least once a month.

My friends, were definitely the comfort I needed on a Tuesday night in February after my kids went to bed. Thank you so much.... I love all of you so much for so many reasons!!

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