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Monday, February 8, 2010


The house was quiet again today. It was the perfect time for me to begin all of the Valentine ideas that I have been thinking about, but haven't really had the chance to sit down and work on.

Sia and Elle worked on their class Valentines, which they will exchange later this week. They all wanted to give their friends at school a treat along with a Valentine, so we came up with some ideas to incorporate both. Slade and I will work on his class cards later this week, as we are still waiting for the chocolate foil wrapped race cars to arrive.

Valentine cards and packages are ready to be addressed and mailed to our families

Sia's Valentine's for her preschool class consisted of a package of teddy grahams, with a card that reads "bear hugs" from- and she signed her name on each one

Elle's 4-year old Butterfly class will get a little package of butterfly kisses! We made a butterfly on the front of the card using a heart-shaped, the letter O and and exclamation point stamps. And then, we added some glitter to the wings. The back of the card reads "hope your day is filled with butterfly kisses" the card was stapled to a little bag which we filled with Hershey kisses. Cute, huh?

What ideas do you have for Valentine's Day? Have you found any great ideas on the web? I truly enjoy making Valentine cards. Do you make or buy yours?

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