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Thursday, February 18, 2010

wooden blocks.

Very few toys were brought along with us to Oklahoma. Usually on trips, we bring coloring books, paper, crayons and markers. It keeps my kids busy. However, at the last minute, I put a container of wooden blocks in the back of the car.

I enjoy watching the imagination that my children use when playing with blocks. During our time here in Oklahoma, I have seen them build houses and castles and garages and bridges. They knock them down and within minutes build again. Sometimes, they sort them by colors or shapes or even find totally different uses besides just to build and create.

Today I heard the girls having a conversation with one another using a block as a telephone which they each held up to their ears. And Slade, the boy that he is chose to use the blocks as grenades that he launched from the table.

I love that wooden blocks are basic and simple yet they can bring such an immense amount of creativity to a child's mind. Sometimes I believe, the more simple a toy is, the more enjoyable it can be.

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