simple happiness everyday.

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy monday.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. we absolutely did. jeff arrived home at 4am on saturday morning. each child woke up and was greeted with an awesome surprise... daddy!! there were lots of hugs and many smiles too! and then, we made a breakfast of 4-grain pancakes and eggs... all together. it was extremely nice. the kitchen was full of excitement.

and that was just the beginning of a very busy weekend of baseball games, birthday parties and catching up with friends. i was very thankful to have my husband by my side through it all. we also were able to enjoy a quiet night together, just the two of us, making a dinner of gnocchis with crab after the kids were in bed for the night. i loved the conversation. and i loved that jeff was sitting next to me... finally. (and dinner was really, really good too!)

so, now it's monday. he is here to stay, hopefully for awhile at least. today, we will be busy catching up on household chores and errands while two of our three children are in school. then it's homework and a quick dinner of fish cakes & homemade fries before baseball practice tonight.

as busy as i am... it's a very, very happy monday to have my husband home again. hope your monday is happy too!

p.s. the kids made this banner for their dad with the hopes that he would be coming home soon. i hung it upstairs in the foyer after the kids went to bed so that it wouldn't ruin the homecoming surprise!! i think they did a wonderful job taking turns painting the letters.


  1. My heart is full of Joy knowing your family is together.............

  2. so glad your husband is home, and your kids DADDy! what sweet banners they made!