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Friday, August 13, 2010

happy weekend.

image via designsponge

do you have any weekend plans?

i'm hoping to get a started on painting our kitchen. it's long overdue. when we moved into our house, it was painted a dark red. i have never liked it. it's so not me. and, i am really, really ready for change. i am thinking white. i've been dreaming of an all white kitchen for some time now.

so, while i am (hopefully) painting my kitchen, please enjoy these things from around the web:

wanting to make these

or give these
sweet love letters

chandelier worth making... wow!

have you ever seen a
pencil mini sculpture?

pretty cute,
ice cream cone balloons

and, a
denim cut-offs wine bag you can make,
i plan on making it too

have a very happy weekend!!

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