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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


me and my little elle belle. both at the age of five proudly showing the cakes we baked in our easy baked ovens. amazing that the easy bake is still around today.

i loved my easy bake oven! i thought it was the greatest toy ever. i think it's where my love for baking and cooking began. this picture of me was taken in 1977 with one of the many two-tier cakes i baked. i swore it would be my wedding cake someday. and don't you just love the blue and white gingham apron? i know did!

33 years later.... my little girl loves her easy bake oven too. just yesterday she baked a yellow cake with vanilla frosting and added floral sprinkles on top. look how happy and proud she is. i still remember those feelings. i wanted to share my little cakes with everyone. just like my little girl, just yesterday.

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  1. look how creative you were even then....who would think to do a double layer.....only you