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Monday, August 16, 2010


via seeing the everyday magazine
(and wonderfully written)

happy monday. where did my day go?

i am just stopping and sitting down now for a moment. the kids are in bed, i just threw a load of whites in the washer and finally i am eating a dinner of crackers and cheese.

sometimes i wonder how a day can slip by just like that? yet, when i finally stop and remain idle for some time, i remember the moments. i remember the moments that made me smile.
it was the confidence elle showed as she got on the school bus this morning and then found the friend she was planning to sit with. it was the giant chocolate chip cookie i bought sia as a treat today and in return she said "thank you mommy, i'm the best girl, right?" or her excitement to use the scanner at the self-checkout while we were shopping. it was the fabulous shirt i found (and bought) on clearance, perfect for the fall. it was the smile of proud satisfaction that slade gave to me as he came out of the batting cage looking my way. it was my two children sitting quietly in their rooms doing homework diligently. it was the sweet text messages i received from my more than supportive husband. it was the quiet "i love you's" and the kisses i placed on each child's forehead after they fell asleep. and, it is the calmness and serenity that permeates through our home as i sit here now.

everyday, there are those moments. joyful, happy, gratifying moments. moments that may seem inconsequential but are so nurturing for me and for our family. moments of reassurance. moments of life. i thought the day just quickly went by. but now i remember as i am sitting here now. i remember the simple, meaningful moments that give fulfillment to my life everyday.

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