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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

our weekend.

all my attention has been focused on the beginning of school and schedules that i haven't had the chance to post how wonderful our weekend was. since i'm scanning over some of the pictures we took, i thought i would share it with you now.

the weather proved to be extremely hot, so we enjoyed lots of time swimming and splashing around in our pool. and then, found other ways to have some fun too.

after not riding their bikes all summer because we were away, slade, elle and sia finally took them out and raced around the cul-de-sac showing daddy all of their new tricks. and yes... that is a bikini elle is wearing. i guess she thought that was the perfect outfit for riding her bicycle on a hot day!

the kids played in the sprinklers and with the hose

and all of us washed the car together
(my little elle worked really hard)

on saturday morning, we took a trip to the farmers market,
which is really a huge world market

and bought these...

our summer really isn't complete without at least one crab feast. and, it ended up being kind of a date night for jeff and i. only we were at home. it wasn't until after the kids were in bed that we decided to cook the crabs. and then, we must've sat for a couple of hours just talking, picking and eating crabs. i know it doesn't seem very romantic, but was totally enjoyable for us both. it is something we missed doing together while vacationing by the jersey shore this summer.

we also enjoyed a family dinner out at our favorite local mexican restaurant. the girls and jeff sat on one side of the booth and slade and i sat on the other. so much fun!!

and then, before we knew it, it was time to get ready for the first day of school and begin a whole new routine.

it really was a nothing-in-particular kind of weekend. but a weekend, so enjoyable for us as a family. it was absolutely the perfect ending to (what seemed to be) a quick summer break.

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