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Thursday, January 20, 2011

doctor's + cupcakes.

just when i thought i was back on schedule...

i spent most of my day either in doctor's offices or traveling to them. slade woke up this morning with a crazy muscle spasm in his neck and couldn't move. he woke up screaming in pain and i felt totally helpless. i couldn't make his pain go away and the pain was making him nauseous and sick. i didn't know it was a muscle spasm at the time, so i nervously rushed him to the doctor after getting my other two off to school. i sat and he laid on my lap waiting for the doctor to come in. we were there for at least two hours before being prescribed a muscle relaxer and some rest.

and then we rushed to pick elle up from school, who had a re-check from a prior doctor's appointment for a doctor that was running extremely behind today. so, again we sat and waited. this time it was the four of us and before we left two hours had passed again.

so now we are back at home and i am thinking these orange marmalade-ricotta cupcakes i made the other day will sweeten our mood and make us all feel a little bit better. i'm already feeling like it's okay if we've gotten off track again today.

p.s. i found these cute cupcake wrappers at ikea

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