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Monday, January 24, 2011

good morning monday (and love).

how was your weekend? mostly, we stayed at home. and, i happily worked on a few (crafty) projects that have been on mind. sometimes, i see something i really, really like and i say "i can do that." and so, i do. usually incorporating some of my ideas and a little of me too.

like the paper wreath i saw on willows home and garden blog. loved it. and, had to do it. so, i tore out pages from an old paperback book and created my own version. slade and i crumpled the pages first and with glue, i attached them on a metal ring, which i had on hand from an old lamp shade. (i knew it would have a use someday!) after the ring was completely filled with pages, i hand-stamped a tag
and then tied it to the wreath with twine. simple as that.

i hung it in my foyer among meaningful things i love. like the pictures of our little girls. or my longtime dream of going to paris someday. th
e first letter of our last name- my love for typography. and especially, a watercolor of the very first home jeff and i purchased together. it was the house we brought all three of our babies home to. thoughtfully painted and given to us by jeff's uncle who was the reason for our very first dance and meeting almost 11 years ago.

so much meaning (and love) on this foy
er wall. it was the perfect place to hang my love wreath. just in time for valentines day.

p.s. the house number pillow on our bench reads "endroit de la joie", which means "place of the joy" in french. so perfect, since my home is my place of joy, a place i love.

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