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Friday, January 7, 2011

happy friday.

for some reason, i've been waiting for friday to come all week.

it's just been one of those long weeks. the kids went back to school and we've had to re-adjust to getting up early and then rushing off to the bus stop in the dark. not fun. but i think we are finally back on track.

while the kids were in school, i tried to get myself re-organized after the holidays. however, still today i have all of my christmas decorations up and two christmas trees still standing. this is the weekend though. the weekend i plan of stripping my home of it all. it always makes me sad to take it all down. but, i am determined this weekend to pack it up, put it away and move on into the new year.
time for renewal.

so while i am organizing and putting all my christmas decor away this weekend, i hope you'll enjoy some of these things-

one of my resolutions, maybe yours too

wish i had
this to keep cozy with this weekend

great quote... thanks marta

i want to make these mr. and mrs. mugs for us

i have this 2011 daily planner, but really like these too

happy friday and hope you have a great weekend too!

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