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Friday, January 28, 2011

project complete & the weekend.

last weekend, i told you i planned on painting a desk for sia's bedroom. (very, very) happily, i did complete the project as i intended. and sia was extremely happy to have a small writing desk in her bedroom on monday morning.

below is a picture of the desk before. actually it was a small vanity table. i removed the mirror, which will eventually be painted and put somewhere else in our home.

a couple of years ago, i was in search for a vanity for elle's room and couldn't believe when a dear aunt pulled this lovely piece from the trash alongside the road somewhere. however, it was just after i had already purchased one for elle. but, at least i have two girls and seemed to be the just the right size for sia's room. and so, i had no problem hauling this free piece of furniture back from new jersey.

and with a little work last weekend, here it is complete.

this weekend, although i would enjoy working on another project like this, i will be taking slade to his first baseball practice of the season. and we'll be attending a couple of birthday celebrations too! along with church and religious education classes are weekend is full.

i hope you have a nice weekend. i'll see you back here on monday!

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  1. I came out great just like all the other pieces that you have done around our home.