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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

snow day again.

since there are still icy roads and snow on the ground, school was canceled again today. i'm quite happy though. i've needed these snow days... no where to go, no where to be. time at home with the kids. plus, it has given me a chance to get caught up with housework after the holidays.

as i was cleaning slade's bedroom yesterday, i came across this rea
lly giant paperback art book, scribbles. it was one of the gifts jeff and i gave slade for christmas. immediately when i saw it, i knew he would love it. the book is one of many wonderfully creative giant books by taro gomi. (he also wrote the very funny book everyone poops .)

this is such a fun activity book for little artists. it allows imaginations to soar and inspires creativity. i loved flipping through it yesterday to
see what slade has already drawn and imagined. and i think, it's the perfect activity book for snowed in days like these.

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