simple happiness everyday.

Monday, August 30, 2010

happy monday.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. we absolutely did. jeff arrived home at 4am on saturday morning. each child woke up and was greeted with an awesome surprise... daddy!! there were lots of hugs and many smiles too! and then, we made a breakfast of 4-grain pancakes and eggs... all together. it was extremely nice. the kitchen was full of excitement.

and that was just the beginning of a very busy weekend of baseball games, birthday parties and catching up with friends. i was very thankful to have my husband by my side through it all. we also were able to enjoy a quiet night together, just the two of us, making a dinner of gnocchis with crab after the kids were in bed for the night. i loved the conversation. and i loved that jeff was sitting next to me... finally. (and dinner was really, really good too!)

so, now it's monday. he is here to stay, hopefully for awhile at least. today, we will be busy catching up on household chores and errands while two of our three children are in school. then it's homework and a quick dinner of fish cakes & homemade fries before baseball practice tonight.

as busy as i am... it's a very, very happy monday to have my husband home again. hope your monday is happy too!

p.s. the kids made this banner for their dad with the hopes that he would be coming home soon. i hung it upstairs in the foyer after the kids went to bed so that it wouldn't ruin the homecoming surprise!! i think they did a wonderful job taking turns painting the letters.

Friday, August 27, 2010

wonderful weekend & homecoming.

illustration via studio mela

i told you on monday something wonderful was going to happen. i've been waiting all week and wondering just when?? and finally... tomorrow, wonderful it is...

after driving all night long, my husband will be pulling into our driveway... finally! he has been working and living away from home for just about two years. his job is complete and we will finally be living together as a family should. i can hardly believe it's true.

what's even better is, i am trying to keep it a big surprise for slade, elle and sia. i can't wait to see their faces tomorrow morning. they really don't know daddy is coming home... (shhhhh!)

needless to say, our family will be enjoying a wonderful homecoming this weekend. i think our home is going to be overflowing with happiness. i hope you enjoy your weekend with whatever makes you truly happy too. and... here are some things i thought you might also enjoy-

vintage earrings, so easy to make

wouldn't it be fun to do this?

a lovely use for a pretty pillowcase

band-aids with total bling

return address stamp (i love)

fun paper pots

art with positivity & meaning

beautiful rings made of soap

nie nie's back to school feast

see you back here on monday with details of the homecoming!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

sweetness + simple happiness.

i am loving all the quiet moments sia and i have together. i wrote about my smiley girl here. just this morning her sweet little voice said to me, "mommy... when daddy is home and we are all together...our whole family... i mean our whole family... can we go get an ice cream cone together?" how sweet. a simple ice cream cone. family. just being together. i love my sia for her sweetness and simple happiness.

beautiful i love you.

this made me smile. i love this.
found it here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a party of favorites.

i am loving the idea of having a favorite things party. you and your guests share their favorite things among all the party goers. everyone gets to take home 5 favorite things that were brought and shared. i found the idea here via inchmark. it's such a fabulous idea. i haven't hosted a party in such a long time and i'm thinking this is the next one to have.

p.s. - one of my favorite things is to write with a fountain pen.
this one can be found here.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cute booties.

even though it's still so hot, i've been dreaming about cooler weather, skinny vintage cords & booties. i think this may be the pair i'd like to have. i'm ready to start layering up for fall.

i love summer and usually cannot wait for it to arrive come spring. but this year, it seems like it has been excessively hot for such a long time. i'm definitely ready for crisp cool mornings and wearing these cute booties!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

happy monday.

it's the beginning of a great week!
something wonderful is going to happen.

just wait and see...

p.s. this is the fourth week of school and it's still so hot, it feels like we should be at the shore!! it's hard to even think that fall is just around the corner. does anyone else feel the same?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

a step behind.

all week i have absolutely felt a step behind. have you ever felt the same?? it's saturday and i am wishing you a happy weekend. this weekend, i am hoping i can catch up and be where i need to be and do the things i need to do and enjoy some play time with the kids.

hoping you'll have a very happy weekend. enjoy these things while i am
trying to catch up.

let them eat cake (i'd go if i could)

an obsession with skateboards

beautiful wedding by the river

amazed by yarnbombing

happy, happy balloon wreath

new online magazine, i'm loving it

have a happy weekend!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

my smiley girl.

her smile is contagious. she'll brighten any day. my silly sia. she loves writing name, flip flops, her toy shopping cart, making her bed, brightly painted toes, bagels, vanilla yogurt and sweets. she'll find a use for any bag. i mean any. she idolizes her brother and sister. she has such a kind heart. greatly huge for someone so small. she promises her mommy she will always take care of her. and is always there when i need a hug or a smile. i love the way she snuggles up to me when reading books at night. lately, she has been my sole sidekick as slade and elle head off to school each day. she is always happily by my side. my little sia, such a smiley girl who always brightens my days.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm still here... just happily busy being a mom.
just know, i haven't forgot about you.

(i love all sorts of prints like these, don't you?)

print available at here

Monday, August 16, 2010


via seeing the everyday magazine
(and wonderfully written)

happy monday. where did my day go?

i am just stopping and sitting down now for a moment. the kids are in bed, i just threw a load of whites in the washer and finally i am eating a dinner of crackers and cheese.

sometimes i wonder how a day can slip by just like that? yet, when i finally stop and remain idle for some time, i remember the moments. i remember the moments that made me smile.
it was the confidence elle showed as she got on the school bus this morning and then found the friend she was planning to sit with. it was the giant chocolate chip cookie i bought sia as a treat today and in return she said "thank you mommy, i'm the best girl, right?" or her excitement to use the scanner at the self-checkout while we were shopping. it was the fabulous shirt i found (and bought) on clearance, perfect for the fall. it was the smile of proud satisfaction that slade gave to me as he came out of the batting cage looking my way. it was my two children sitting quietly in their rooms doing homework diligently. it was the sweet text messages i received from my more than supportive husband. it was the quiet "i love you's" and the kisses i placed on each child's forehead after they fell asleep. and, it is the calmness and serenity that permeates through our home as i sit here now.

everyday, there are those moments. joyful, happy, gratifying moments. moments that may seem inconsequential but are so nurturing for me and for our family. moments of reassurance. moments of life. i thought the day just quickly went by. but now i remember as i am sitting here now. i remember the simple, meaningful moments that give fulfillment to my life everyday.