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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

100 days.

Slade is celebrating 100 days of being in school in his kindergarten class this week. As a tradition, the teacher asked children to make a poster of 100 items so they may see just what 100 of something looks like.

After talking about many things, Slade decided he wanted to use marshmallows. So, he made a poster of a giant cup of hot cocoa and glued 100 marshmallows in the cup. I love his imagination and creativity. He had asked me if he could put real cocoa in the cup on his poster, so after putting a thin layer of glue, he sprinkled it with cocoa. And then, glued the marshmallows on top of that. He sponged blue paint on the background and of course, put a big "S" on the mug that he decided to paint brown.

He was so proud of his finished project. What an amazing smile he had upon its completion. He couldn't wait to take it to school to show his class.

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  1. that is one handsome boy.....he must take after his dad