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Monday, January 25, 2010

lazy + weekend = rejuvenation.

elle, slade & sia enjoying a cup of hot cocoa during our lazy weekend

How did you spend your weekend?

We had a extremely lazy weekend. The weather was cool, gray and rainy outside, so we spent time inside doing nothing in particular, just being together. The kids played with lots of legos and games, whereas, I found time to clean and organize some closets and drawers and even baked a little. We ate leftovers and drank lots of hot cocoa and had smores for treats.

I have an extreme love these type of days. Days that you do not have to get dressed or have a schedule to meet. Slade, Elle and Sia feel the same. They love staying in their pajamas all day. Telling them it's a p.j. day, brings them pure contentment.

Truly, I needed a weekend like this. I feel like I've been on a complete merry-go-round since the beginning of the New Year, just spinning around, not really accomplishing much. The past couple of weeks have been filled with lots of "to do's" and schedules, yet what have I achieved? I've been feeling a bit exhausted lately.

I think this weekend was the break I needed to revitalize and re-focus. It gave me moments to play and laugh, to lazily sit around and complete some much needed tasks at home. I feel like I actually achieved something. Some of my closets and drawers have been refreshed and cleaned, my mind is clearer and I feel restored and revitalized for the week ahead.

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