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Thursday, January 21, 2010

a picnic for dinner.

Tonight, I let Slade, Elle and Sia convince me to have an indoor picnic for dinner. Actually, I said yes to the question, before even thinking about it. They were all very excited once they heard that I was in agreement and ran upstairs to begin their preparation. It was one of those moments, that I guess I just let go of normality.

Before I knew it, they all came downstairs in their bathing suits and laid a huge blanket on the kitchen floor. Next they began gathering fruits and cheeses and it was at this point I decided to help. So, I cut up fruit and made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches in the shape of little stars. Slade set out the plates and gave everyone a vanilla yogurt, some grapes and their sandwiches. He put a tray in the center of the blanket with cut up cheese and fruit.

I took such enjoyment in seeing the smiles on their faces as they laughed and talked about what an awesome dinner they were having sitting on a blanket in the middle of the kitchen floor. It was their picnic and they were definitely proud.

These are the moments I will always remember and smile at. Moments that are out of the ordinary. Moments that let them dream and be silly.
Moments that let children be children.

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