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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ten happy moments experienced during the past couple of days.

  1. Jeff received his plane tickets to come home during the first week in February. (only three more weeks!)
  2. Taking the time to simply sit down and color with Slade, Elle and Sia- loved the creativity and listening to them talk amongst one another.
  3. Slade coming off the bus with a huge smile, stating "I got my report card." He had an excellent report card and his teacher commented 'Slade demonstrates enthusiasm and an aptitude for learning.'.... Jeff and I are so proud of him.
  4. A text from my husband saying "I miss you and I love you. Your the best wife a man could ever ask for."
  5. I am finally feeling better after pneumonia and an ear infection.
  6. Elle asked me "Mom, when are we going to Paris?" and then made this statement: "I guess we can go when I am five." It is so Elle to ask...
  7. I completed another New Year's Resolution. I organized my storage areas filled with decorations for the holidays and baby/toddler clothes.
  8. Last night, when I kissed Sia good night she exclaimed "You're the best Mommy ever! I love you and I'm gonna always take care of you."
  9. The gentleness of Slade and his not wanting to ever say goodbye (to anything). He held back tears this week when we took down all the Christmas decorations.
  10. Watching this video about the Invisible Woman from FreshBrewedLife- my father sent it to me. He said it reminded him of me. You might relate to it too.

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