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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

missing my husband.

I miss my husband. Without him, a part of me is missing. It's hard living 800 miles apart. But, as we both know, this is what we have to do right now. No, not ideal, at all. But, I always continually think of those wives whose husbands are in the service? How do they feel? Their husbands are doing what they need to do for their families and their country, but unlike me, they cannot talk to their husbands every day at any time. I can call Jeff at any time. I can text and get an immediate response. Even use skype to talk and see one another through the Internet. And, we can talk for as long as we wish. If he were in the service, could we do that? And, more importantly, Jeff comes home one weekend a month... I know exactly when I am going to see him again.... or, with a 12 hour drive I can visit him at anytime, so, how fortunate am I??

No, I cannot fall asleep with the comfort of him next to me tonight. Or, wake up next to him in the morning to start my day. It feels lonely and it makes me sad a lot. But, I always remember, what if? What if he were in the service? What if he were here and had no job at all? Where would we be? What would we do? So, this is what we are doing right now at this point in our lives. Communication has been our strength.

Living apart will not last forever. But, Jeff and I are forever. This distance that
separates has made us stronger. And, I cannot be more content and thankful for the wonderful man that I married, who is sacrificing so much for our family.

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