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Sunday, January 10, 2010

the excitement of a snow day.

Amazing. no matter how much your children enjoy school, when there is a snow day, there is a big "yippee!" Early this evening I was made aware that there will be no school tomorrow due to some icy secondary roads in our county. I was a little shocked at the news, but the jumping up and down, not to mention, the smiles on the faces of my two oldest children, Slade and Elle, told me they were quite excited to be spending one more day at home.

I've been so busy during the past few days with home keeping and removing holiday decor that I have hardly taken the time to spend with them as I wish. Now, unexpectedly and quite happily, I am given an entire day to spend with the three of them. A true bonus. These are the moments I need to cherish and take advantage of.

I have to admit that sometimes, I am guilty of worrying too much about how clean the house is or if the laundry and ironing is done, when I need to stop and spend more time with those three smiling faces who exclaimed pure excitement when they were blessed with yet another snow day.

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